Some staples of a traditional Thanksgiving meal are the stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy. Every single one of those dishes creates a combination of love and happiness that is basically indescribable.  And while we may love this combination of fabulous foods, this combo doesn't always love us back. However, with some modifications, this meal can actually be quite delicious and healthy. Plus you get the added bonus of not feeling guilty for enjoying a delicious meal. Surprised? We promise with a few adjustments to your traditional Thanksgiving, you can indulge and enjoy the fruits of your labor AND shut down any food guilt.  

Some quick tips on how to make your Thanksgiving feast healthy are using earth balance butter instead of real butter. This butter is delicious and dairy free. You can actually use that instead of cream in your mashed potatoes. If you are in charge of stuffing, use Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free bread instead of regular white bread. The options are endless. Click here if you would like to request even more awesome recipes, ideas and support from our Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving tip sheets.

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