Soon, you will be bombarded with that delicious bag or bowl of Halloween candy. It will be staring you in the face, beckoning you to partake in the yummy, chocolatey goodness.
Or your kids will come home after a night of Trick or Treating with pillow cases full of candy. And it is your right as a parent to tax that candy income when they go to bed. . . Except that it isn't. That candy is your lifestyle goal's ENEMY. It snuck into your home using your sweet innocent children as its mules in order to tempt you into a downward spiral known as a sugar coma.
How do you combat this enemy? The trick with this is going to be eradicating this candy from your home instantly. How, you ask? Well, kids love money. Growing up, when we came home with pillow cases full of candy, my parents would pay us the weight in candy. Normally it was around one to two dollars per pound. This made Halloween one of the best days because we walked away with money to go spend on the latest toy we wanted. Use this to your advantage. The key is warning your kids a few days in advance that Halloween is going to be different this year, and then share the perk of getting money instead. Get them thinking about the latest toy they have been obsessing over. Yes, we know that your kids have enough toys, but wouldn't it be better to have one more stuffed animal than candy that will set everyone up for poor health?
And what happens to all the candy you gleaned from your kids? Leave it outside, some one will take it from you, or toss it (in the outdoor garbage cans). Do not give yourself time to think about the candy, or how much you want it. You have to make a snap decision to destroy the candy. If you leave it on the counter, it will stare you in the face, taunting you until you partake. And once you partake you have entered the slippery slope, because one piece is never enough.
Use Halloween to your advantage, and remember why you decided to do this journey. You can fight the Halloween candy off. You can do this.

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