Sometimes we set resolutions to overhaul our whole lifestyle this time of year.  How has that worked out for you in years past?  Most of the time it is overwhelming to keep up with the rigid plan within a couple of weeks, and then we start to beat ourselves up over our failure to maintain all the changes. The key to success is ONE thing.

Focus on changing one thing at a time, get used to that thing until it’s a habit and then decide on the next one to change, you decide what is doable to change for your future you.  Here are a couple of examples to help get you started!

For example, you want to drink more water and less soda. Keep a 24oz  water bottle or bigger (make sure it is something you can carry with you) on hand at all times.  When you feel like you need soda, that is your cue to have water. Use soda craving as a signal that your body needs more water. And during your first week that is your focus.  

So about a week or two in, the “more water” habit is going pretty well, so you decide your next habit might be to introduce more veggies and less carbs. (Note: I am not saying cut the carbs out, just eat less of them.) Now, plan these mini changes right around the time you will be heading to the grocery store (great for the mini-change prep and your budget). When grocery shopping, remember to walk the perimeter of the store. This is where you can find a majority of you veggies and protein. The moment you step foot in the middle isles you have embarked on a path that is difficult to escape from, because those Lays chips are going to look like they would go great with your veggies and resole will be weak. Set yourself up for success and avoid those middle isles.

So now you have more veggies in your fridge.  Don’t leave them there to become a science experiment!  Prepare them a head of time so when you are craving something quick and easy, you can just grab some veggies instead of the handful of chips (accidentally purchased at the grocery store . . . it’s okay, practice makes perfect). Wash all your veggies, and then divide them into “snack packs” which is basically an assortment of veggies in a Ziploc bag or other small container.   If you want to get your kids in on the lifestyle change, put out plates of veggies and let them know that they need to finish the plate by the end of the day before they have something else they enjoy that’s less healthy. Another fun way to prepare veggies is to get a Veggie Spiralizer because, well, who doesn’t like eating veggies in fun shapes with little work?  It makes great noodle shapes as a substitute for pasta. Every time you feel yourself craving a handful of chips or pretzels go grab yourself a veggie snack pack.

There are a lot of other cool ways to introduce more veggies into your life, & Pinterest is a great resource for yummy healthy recipes.

*If you are really having a hard time avoiding the snack sections, hit the local Farmer’s Market.  Not only will you find some amazing veggies, but you wont get stuck in the abyss of the snack isle.

Remember, these mini weekly changes do not have to be all food related. They can also be things like choosing to be consistent in your workouts, or adding in a 30 min walk a day with your kids. Remember every change you make a week, carries over into the next. The beauty of mini changes like this, is that they aren’t as overwhelming.  Over the span of time these mini changes will help create that big lifestyle change you are looking for.  That’s what we’re all about at The New Basis.  We help our clients make lasting changes so that they don’t have to lose the same weight over and over again.

Now it’s up to you to decide what you’re going to add to your lifestyle and what you would like to minimize. Take it one focus at a time. Imagine what could change over 52 weeks of healthy eating and exercising. What are mini change are you going to start 2015 with?  




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