Have you been enjoying your summer so far?  Mine has been full of tennis, running, friends, fun and even some beach volleyball.   Being a personal trainer, I get to focus on living a healthy lifestyle and helping others to be active and take care of their bodies too!  


I love Summer.  I just love everything about summer, especially here in California.  It gets hot like crazy but there's so little humidity that we can still enjoy outdoor activities and have a great time!  I remember it’s not like that in Japan . . .

It’s really humid and because of the humidity, mosquitoes are everywhere. You don’t want to go outside without insect repellent spray... That’s like you are asking mosquitoes to bite you!! Because I know how it feels like to spend summer in Japan, I really think that people in California are so lucky to be able to spend summer in this wonderful weather!


So let’s do something active and enjoy your summer!


Hiking, Mountain biking, Tennis, Beach Volleyball?




There are tons of things you can do around this area.


I just want you to remember that being outside in the sun during the summer burns more energy and dehydrates you more than you think!


So here are some tips when you do outdoor activities:

  1. To avoid dehydration or heat exhaustion, make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Half of your body weight in ounces is a good start. (180 lbs = 90 oz water)

  1. Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing. Also wear sunglasses and a hat that covers your face and ears.

  1. Apply sunscreen with sun protection factor (SPF) 15 or higher thirty minutes before any sun exposure. Reapply several times a day, or according to the product directions.

  1. Try to spend the majority of your time protected by cool, shady areas


Just think ahead what you need before you go out and do activities! As long as you plan ahead, you're good to go!




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