Have you ever tried losing weight, only to gain it all back again?   Have you gotten your hopes up with a new workout video or online plan that seems to work for everyone else, but not for you?  What about that clothes hanger . . . I mean exercise equipment . . . taking up space in your bedroom, closet or garage?  We hear these things every day at our personal training studio in Los Gatos.  And I've lived it!

I've been there!  I struggled with my weight for years.  Almost 15 years ago I had a poor reaction to some medication that assisted me in adding on over 80 lbs to my body.  After more than 2 years of taking it, I realized that it was the primary cause of my weight gain and other issues.  Even though I stopped taking the medication, it was very difficult to lose the weight.  If I'm honest, I can say that the medication started my weight gain, but it wasn't my only problem.  I wasn't taking care of myself or making good choices.  I found myself more than 80 lbs overweight, uncomfortable in my clothes and my own skin.  I felt like everyone at the gym was staring at me.  I was ashamed of how I let myself go, and was tired and frustrated with failing at my weight loss efforts over and over. 


I understand what you are going through. I was taking care of everyone and everything else except myself.  There were so many reasons I wanted to lose the weight, but my efforts were all or nothing for a very long time.  I'd do really well for a couple of weeks, have a busy weekend full of events, and then be "off plan" for even longer.  I knew what to do, but often tried to do it all at once.  I made mistakes with my food choices, and promised I'd start again Monday.  I needed support and accountability to lose the weight.   What finally worked was ditching the "all or nothing" attitude, asking for help and being willing to have other people help me hold myself accountable. 


You are not in this alone, and we understand how you feel!


The trainers at The New Basis have been praised for providing lasting results through empowering clients to take back control of their health and fitness.  We utilize a team approach and create a customized program designed just for you in a safe and inclusive environment.  Starting Wednesday night, we embark on a new 28-day Little Black Dress Challenge.  It's for women of all ages who are interested in getting healthy and losing weight.  Come on out to join us and find out more.  7pm at The New Basis.



If you are looking at your goals to lose weight, get healthy or fit and you realize that your actions aren't matching up or that you need accountability and support to hang in there for the long run, we are here to help.  Click here to book a consultation and let us help set you up on a workable plan, the accountability and support you need to make lasting changes!  Let us know what you think, how you've struggled or what you've tried already!


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