I enjoy thinking of life as a series of small moments, experiences, decisions and actions that takes us down any number of amazing paths.  Sometimes we get to set the direction (like picking a major in college), and other times the direction is set for us and our control is in the navigation through the situation as best we can (like being diagnosed with an illness or the death of a loved one).  


Often times these small moments are more easily understood looking backwards, at a twisted and curved path with hills, valleys (and even a cliff or two) that has led you to the place you’re at and the amazing person you are today. 


It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day tasks, the urgent things that are necessary for the moment, and let life happen to you.  One day you may look up and realize that so much has happened that you missed because you were looking down.  It’s much harder to set a long term goal that will take more effort and have a higher risk of possible failure.  But if you think about it, most of your goals are long term, right?


Here are some common “big picture” goals from myself, our staff and clients:

  • Lose Weight:  not only dropping the pounds but also being able to enjoy life and favorite foods (is that even possible??? ~ Yes!)

  • Gain Energy: to accomplish everything on the never ending to-do list

  • Improve In My Sport: to get better at the skills needed to beat the competition, prevent injuries that'll put me out of commission and participate for years to come

  • Raise great children: not just successful, but ones who are respectful, responsible, loving, forgiving and wise.

  • Have a happy marriage: that will last beyond children leaving the nest

  • Run a successful business: making short and long-term decisions that affect not only current and future family finances, but also the livelihoods of employees.



If you stop and think about it for a minute, I’m sure you can come up with more than a handful of goals yourself.  They may seem small or common, or huge and daunting, but they are yours, which means they're important!  Each day, you are either working towards them or away from them with each decision you make.  The more good decisions you make, the better your opportunity for reaching your goals, and the easier it is to navigate your path with clarity.  How do we figure out what those good decisions are?  Seek guidance, follow the instructions, choose well when you can, as often as you can, be kind to yourself when you don’t make the best choice and move on, keep the end goal in sight, and stay positive!


Have courage to take risks in the face of your fears and practice faith that things will work out!  You do have some control in the little things, and I promise, they add up.  You are where you’re supposed to be.  Take stock, and move forward.


If you are looking at your goals to lose weight, get healthy or fit and you realize that your actions aren't matching up or that you need accountability and support to hang in there for the long run, we are here to help.  Click here to book a consultation and let us help set you up on a workable plan, the accountability and support you need to make lasting changes!


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