Do you want to improve your sports performance?  Here's our secret.  As a tennis player Akari Ikeda (personal trainer at The New Basis in Los Gatos, CA) realized that at a certain level, just practicing tennis for long hours did not really continue to help to improve her skills any more.  "I already know how to hit the ball.   I just have to adjust the way I hit every time the ball is coming at me.  It depends on its speed, spin, height, surface, weather, and all kinds of crazy things but what makes it more difficult is that I consistently have to reach the ball with good balance, posture, and fast footwork."


This can also be said about any sport, like soccer, volleyball, and basketball.  Getting yourself in the best condition to hit, kick, spike or shoot the ball in dynamic motion requires muscle strength, flexibility, balance, agility, quickness, and power.  Often those who are naturally good at physical activities and sports believe working on these things is unnecessary.  However, you will be surprised at what cross training can do to improve your physical abilities and your sport performance!



Cross training is "a way to vary your fitness program by combining different types of exercise activities.” (“Cross Training”, AAOS)  For instance, while it may seem unnecessary for a soccer player to build up upper body strength, it is actually an important component to staying in good balance to fight for the ball.  Have you seen Cristiano Ronaldo's upper body?



Other benefits of cross training are reduced risk of injury and improved endurance and total fitness. That is why professional athletes spend a lot of time working out in the gym instead of only playing their sport all day long. They sometimes play different sport as a warm-up. In fact, a lot of top professional tennis players play soccer as a warm-up because it helps their improve their footwork on the courts.



Check this out: World #1 Rafael Nadal playing Soccer as warm-up






Here at The New Basis, we can help you improve your game while you're "taking a break" in the studio with personal training and education on how the top players make it happen, but since there's no "one size fits all", you'll have your own plan of attack!


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