"It was a beautiful evening this past Spring. There was a nice calm breeze and I got very excited because I realized that Summer was coming. This overwhelming feeling just made me want to run like I did when I was a kid. I was with a friend, and without even discussing it, we did! After our short run, we were tired and sweaty. But we also felt great, happy and satisfied somehow.  I've got to say . . . 


I love that feeling!



I was actually a little overweight as kid, until 13. It started when I was a little because my mom was really busy taking care of two older daughters and whenever I started crying, she just put candies in my mouth to make me stop crying. Then, I started craving more and more candy. This may sound crazy, but I was even drinking 2L (about 67oz) of milk every single day at the age of three.  It was simple enough to explain why I was so big. I was taking more calories than I was burning. And even though I was also an active kid, always running around on the playground with boys, I didn’t like how I felt about myself.



When I started playing tennis on a school team, it was a great opportunity to be more active and disciplined. Having two hours of practice that included fitness training made me feel good about myself. I started losing weight and feeling more confident.  Then I realized that after I became more active, I automatically started thinking about what’s better for my health. I looked for healthier options because I finally started to care about myself more. I also that exercise brings me a more positive energy. Being active and healthy is now a part of my life. It makes me feel good and brings me confidence."  ~ Akari



Julie here. Even our amazing Akari Ikeda, awesome athlete and certified personal trainer at The New Basis, knows what it's like to not love her body or feel good in her skin. We get it! Each one of our amazing TNB staff knows what it's like to be in the middle of a journey of weight loss and take back control of our health. Yes, we may be extra interested in exercise, movement science, post-injury rehab, nutrition, counseling and more, but we get it on a deep and personal level.



If you feel like we did, uncomfortable in your own skin, unhappy with what you can't do, and ready to make a change we want to hear from you!  Don't know how?  We can help!  We have no interest in overhauling your life, just helping you make it more amazing.   If you need help and want to connect with a community of supportive, like-minded people in a low pressure environment, we are here for you! Click here to schedule your complimentary fitness and lifestyle consultation today, and let us help you figure out where to go from here! 

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