The last time I was in the doctor's office for my annual checkup in Los Gatos, I had to wait 15 minutes in the exam room before the doctor came in.  I almost picked up my cell phone to check email and Facebook, like I've done thousands of times before.   One of the training magazines looked interesting, so I picked it up and put it down a minute later, because I was at capacity.  Instead I decided to lay on the exam table, close my eyes and enjoy the calm and quiet.  I was so tired that I might have been able to fall asleep, had it not been for how enjoyable it was to sit in peace.  It had been a particularly busy month, and I wasn't taking care of myself well.  And then life just kind of caught up to me.


Everyone is busy.  We fill our time up, we give our energy to all of the tasks on our to do list and don't leave much left over for anything else.  Our plates are full.  Our bodies are tired.  Our minds are racing with extra information about things we often care little about.  We don't always make time to take care of ourselves or to slow down to enjoy the journey and pay attention to the little things.


Have you ever wanted to make a change to your health and fitness?  Have you been overwhelmed with way too many options?  How does each one promise that their program is the only way to go, or that their system is for everyone?  Have you ever started one of those programs and been entirely overwhelmed?  Ever lost weight on one of those diets only to gain it all back again, and sometimes even more?  The cycle is exhausting, disheartening and often leads to feelings of failure and despair.  Sometimes it's difficult enough to get through our day, let alone consider adding anything else.


STOP the insanity! We get it.  You need a health and weight loss plan that is set up specifically to fit you and your unique life!  You don't need to add too much on top of what you've already got going on.  Your plan needs to be integrated with real life if it's ever going to be successful in the long run, because you can't add a 25th or 26th hour in a day and you are pretty close to capacity! 


The New Basis is about habits, consistency, and TRUE life change over the long haul.  We refuse to pile too much confusing information, too many tasks for the to do list, expectations, guilt and stress on you.  We don't want you to continue to revisit the same weight loss over and over, so we're going to help you do it right this time!  We are in your corner, and want you to reach your goals for the long haul.  We want you to feel confident in establishing new goals as you accomplish old ones!  We are ALREADY proud of you!  Even if you're not proud of yourself yet.


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