I have spent my fair share of time failing in my quest to lose weight and get healthy in the past 15 years. My life always had an exercise and health thread running through it, from soccer and volleyball, (always) swimming to coaching to even becoming a personal trainer and mastering my craft for my clients the last 7 years! Oh, I could lose weight by exercise, I could lose weight by dieting, and I could train for that 10k run coming up. But why did I seem to keep losing the SAME few lbs over and over again?


That's not true weight loss. You know what that's called? . . .  Maintenance!


I knew what to do, so why couldn't I just pull myself together? Some days I felt like my body was broken ~ like I was doing all the right things and nothing worked, even though science said it should. And there were other days when I just didn't make the right decisions and sabotaged myself because I was “tired of fighting” the cravings. I used to tell myself that I'd start again tomorrow, or Monday, or after that specific event . . .



And for that matter, why wasn't I the only one? Some days I felt like I was the only one who struggled with weight loss staying off. But then I opened my eyes, looked around and realized that I wasn't alone in this quest for getting healthy, this need to lose the extra pounds! So yes! I've been there, and I understand what you are going through!


I've grown extremely skeptical about the latest diet pill, newest workout infomercial fad, meal plan or philosophy, exercise fad and weight loss surgery out there. And for very good reason. You know why? Because they don't work! And the ones that do are not a good long term anyway. Let's face it, diets are usually hard and extremely restrictive, overgeneralized or crazy unsustainable. Workout equipment only works if it gets used. How many times have you or a friend been “on a health kick” or excited to try that new workout video? How many pieces of fitness equipment sit unused in the closet or garage?


The diet industry doesn't care who you are or why you struggle with your health and weight. They are interested in selling a product. Some of them work for weight loss. Many don't. Most are not meant to be long term solutions.


When we are searching for answers, and we need to change our lives, we become desperate to find that “perfect solution”. We want to believe that what's out there will help us. What gets me most fired up is not that people look to these products and programs for weight loss. It's the sense of hope and excitement that they feel when they're finally ready to start taking back their health and are convinced this one product will make it all happen!


False hope.


Because the short-term, quick weight loss mindset doesn't last. It's not sustainable, and most people find themselves right back where they started shortly after their program or product is finished. Many even find that they have gained even more weight back, like their body is lashing out at them. Sound familiar?


Stop and think: Would you rather be 50 – 100 lbs down next year at this time, or lose the same 10 lbs four or five times and STILL land in the same spot you started? No brainer, right? But I get it. I've been there and done that cycle. It's a whole lot of work to still end up unhealthy, unhappy and lacking confidence. What's even worse, is that failure sticks with me. It's always in the back of my mind, this question about whether or not I'd ever be able to succeed. It's even hard to take joy in the little things. Have you ever said “I only lost two pounds this week” to someone? I've heard it way too many times. Remember, two pounds x 50 weeks is 100 pounds!!! Even if you only do half of that, that's STILL 50 lbs. Imagine how your body and mind will feel with 50 less pounds weighing you down? Imagine!


“So how do I lose 50+ lbs this year?”

First off, be kind to yourself!  Remember that you are NOT how you look and you are NOT that number on the scale. You are not how other people see you, and your past attempts and failures do not define you or your future. Quit letting these things shape how you act. Don't ever say “I only lost two pounds this week”. (If you are already on track here, great job! It's a HUGE battle for most.)


Second, be consistent! Love yourself enough to make good choices instead of letting life just happen to you. Don't focus on the weight. Focus on taking care of the awesomeness that is you! And when you don't make the right choice, remember:


Every day is a new day. Every choice is a new choice.


Celebrate your choices. Do a little more today, do a little better, and the weight loss and health gains will come because you are taking care of yourself!


If you want to take control over your health and fitness instead of allowing your situation to dictate how you look, what you feel and who you are, we can help you!  We'd love to be part of your coaching team!  If you are looking for the education, support and accountability to make a lasting change in your health and fitness, and to connect with a community of supportive, like-minded people, we are here for you! Click here to schedule your complimentary fitness and lifestyle consultation today, and let us help you figure out where to go from here!


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