I've talked a lot lately about the Trek Dirt Series in Los Gatos back in April.  As a personal trainer, I know how important it is to have good coaching ~ the kind of coaching that teaches skills.  The coaching that meets you where you're at instead of putting you into cookie cutter programs.  Good coaching inspires you to be better with education, accountability, support and encouragement. 

Does this sound like you?  I can be my own worst critic, and it's easy to pick apart my weaknesses and flaws.  I can make mistakes and dwell on them for hours, days or months even.  What about the things I haven't done yet (laundry and dishes, anyone)?  I beat myself up over making the wrong food choices, and get totally embarrassed when I have to admit that out loud.

I get it.  It's not easy to be kind to yourself.  Because of that, it's helpful to surround yourself with people who can be kind to you, AND truthful, when you need it or can't be that way for yourself.  Be patient.  Take one step at a time.  Each day is a new day, each decision is a new decision.

In my mountain bike camp, I learned that the attack and fluid position were the same.  Like a cat, at the ready, but loose enough to let the bike do what it's going to do underneath me.  It's then and only then that I will successfully navigate obstacles and rough terrain without getting jolted and beat up on the trail. 

In life, I can be setting my own attack position.  Taking control of the things that I can, and at the ready (relaxed, confident, gripping firm but willing to keep my body loose) while watching for what's coming next.  Ready for the things that come ahead.  Large bumps don't jolt me as much as they used to, and the small trials are barely felt because my "bike" absorbs them for me.  On any given day, this could be my confidence, strength, patience, faith, love, kindness, capabilities, friends & family, etc.  When I'm ready to attack and be fluid all at the same time, it's easier to persevere, and even to be kind to myself. 

And when I'm tired of attacking, or stressed out and tense, I can surround myself with my support system because that's when I need them to remind me that I am capable and strong.  When I fail, they can be my encouragement to try again.  And when I've rested and reset my mind, I can be ready to attack and be fluid for the next time. 


If you want to attack and be ready for what life throws at you, or take back control over your health and fitness, we can get you going.  We'd love to be part of your support system, to help you figure out where you can improve and support you as you attack!  If you are looking for the education, support and accountability to make a lasting change in your health and fitness, and to connect with a community of supportive, like-minded people, we are here for you! Click here to schedule your complimentary fitness and lifestyle consultation today.






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