Do you want to conquer some skill, event or life change? One of the best ways to succeed is to surround yourself with a great support system. I was so thankful to have an amazing support system built into my weekend at the Trek Dirt Series, and can't wait to go again next year (and bring some friends with me)!  I had phenomenal coaches at every moment, a skills group of riders each morning that had the same laser focus of learning the specific skills and a riding group in the afternoons that went out to practice our new skills with encouragement and support on the mountain.

The best support system is usually made from a few different types of people.  First, there are teachers and mentors like a personal trainer, instructor or someone who's been in your shoes and successfully navigated the path ahead.  Next, there are people with your same or similar goals.  The third type of people to have in your support system are those who are currently where you used to be, a few steps behind in the journey.

Hire a Coach! For lasting weight loss or awesome sports performance, you need a solid plan that's customized for where you're at right now and will get you where you want to be. Beyond a good plan, it's imperative to have good coaching, accountability and support to make sure you show up and get you through the tough times.  Your coach will be an awesome help and sounding board in times of stress and doubt. Listen to your coaches, they KNOW that you can do it, and know exactly how to help you make it happen! A coach has taught others, and has successfully been through the process themselves. They are the experts, and can help you focus and make your goals a reality.

Connect with others on the journey! It always helps to have people to go through life with, friends who are working towards the same goal. Planning an adventure race? Looking to lose the baby weight? Do you have a trail you want to master? There's comfort, camaraderie and support in numbers, and there's nothing like being with someone who knows exactly what you are feeling or experiencing at that moment. Seek a friend out who is ready to make changes and is motivated to reach their goals like you, and then spur each other on.

Find someone to inspire! There are so many reasons to help someone else. When we have experienced true change or accomplishment, sometimes we can't help but share our excitement and journey with others. This can encourage others like almost nothing else.  It makes such a difference to connect with someone who has made major strides or conquered the challenge that seems like a mountain at the moment.  You can be that encouragement!  I bet you can find that one person who wants to do what you just did, and paying it forward is awesome! Sometimes, especially in or after a long journey, helping someone else can take the focus off of us. Helping others also gives you a chance to change a life, and a chance to reflect on how far you have come in your journey. Find someone you can pour into, it's amazing how it inspires you right back!

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