So before my weekend at the phenomenal Trek Dirt Series mountain bike camp in Los Gatos, I spent the vast majority of my time on only a few trails. Remember, this personal trainer liked working out but was still intimidated by the bike and the unknown challenges of each newly introduced trail. My husband Drew used to ask me all the time if I wanted to try a new trail, and most of the time I said “No, I'd like to get better at this one for awhile.” He's quite patient, and knew that it had to be my idea to branch out. You see, he's met me before! He knew that until I felt confident on the inside, his desire for me to step outside of my comfort zone would most likely backfire into a miserable ride for the both of us. Patient? Yes. Supportive? Yes. Self-preserving? Probably!

On an unfamiliar trail or mountain, neither my bike nor I know what's around the next bend. I can't be confident that I know everything that is about to happen. I have no idea if what lies ahead of me is going to be easy or hard, familiar or uncharted territory, safe or dangerous, simple or scary. I can, however, be confident in some basics.

#1 - I am capable and equipped with the skills of navigating the trail ahead of me, whether entirely visible or not. How did I get that way? By learning from those who had been there before me, focusing on what is true and right, and by practicing the basics when things are easy so that they are ingrained by the time I come across a major challenge. The more I practice my skills consistently, no matter how small they seem, the less I have to think about them when my mind needs to be focused on the task at hand. Practice is for focusing on the little things that will make all the difference in the future. Game time is for execution and being present to get past the obstacle to the goal. (Read more from my last blog post – Overcoming Obstacles.)

#2 - I have surrounded myself with the right support. When I come to a point where I'm unsure of my skills and abilities, it helps so much to have my support system around me.

Sometimes, my support is in front of me, next to me or behind me. Like Drew. He is such an awesome husband and riding partner for me. He knows that sometimes I need encouragement from the top of the hill, but more often than not he knows I need it silent so I can focus on the task at hand. He then high fives me at the top of the hill, and I knew he was silently rooting for me the whole time. I especially love the look of surprise and pride on his face when I get through something he didn't expect.

Sometimes, when nobody is around, my supporters are in my head. No, I don't actually hear voices. Well, maybe. . . but they're not all mine! I'm not actually sure if that sounds better or worse. A few of the coaches at the Trek Dirt Series said some things to me over and over again throughout the weekend that really stuck in my head. Two of them were profound, yet so simple.

"YOU'VE GOT THIS!” heard over and over in my head has turned into “Yes, I've GOT this!” They weren't just encouraging me, but teaching me how to encourage myself. Choosing to look at things positively and confidently helps me stay calm, be at the ready and say YES to whatever the trail sends me. I choose to have courage, to change my mindset and to pick my line instead of letting a line pick me!

"LOOK UP!” Wow, there are so many applications in life on this one. On the trail, looking up past the obstacle to where I want to go is imperative so I can be ready for what's up ahead and not miss out on the good (or be surprised by the difficult) coming up next. When I get stuck focusing on what's right in front of my eyes, I miss out on the beauty of nature and truth all around me. Looking up helps me practice faith!


I love to be that support for our clients too!  It brings me such joy when my clients come in for their next training session claiming they heard my voice encouraging them while they were away from The New Basis. When I'm not around, here are some things my “Julie voice” has been known to say:

  • "You are strong and capable of making good choices that are worthy of the amazing person you are!"
  • "Rotate from your core and swim downhill." ~ for their swimming leg of triathlon training.
  • When a client is about to binge at the end of a stressful day, “I” remind them to drink that glass of water first and give themselves a minute to make a conscious choice, one way or the other.
  • It reminds them to push themselves just a little bit harder with the words “Your body can do more than your mind thinks it can!”
  • It even reminds them to be kind to themselves when they slip up, because this is a journey, and every decision gives them a new opportunity to choose health.


Challenges and obstacles are scary. Life is not safe, easy or guaranteed!  It's not a straight line trajectory, but a messy trail of curves, loops, setbacks, peaks and valleys. Stay the course, ride the wave, see where it takes you and don't take your mind off of the end goal. The process is awesome, and will make you stronger every time!


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