I've had all these ideas tumbling around in my head after a great weekend of learning and growing at the Trek Dirt Series in Los Gatos.  Instead of trying to write the perfectionist's "term paper" that sums everything up with a beautiful introduction, well-planned middle and killer conclusion with references, I realized that there was just too much to share.  In light of that, I'd love for you to join me in the journey as I share some life lessons from my time in the saddle.

In the two day span of my first mountain biking camp, I was seriously stretched both physically and emotionally.  My personal goal the first morning of camp was to learn a couple of things that would make me a better partner for my husband to ride with.  I knew that would take lots of instructions and practice on switchbacks and obstacle riding (and facing some fears) so Drew didn't get stuck riding fire roads with me for the rest of our life.  And while those were good goals, I didn't totally want to be there.  I knew it was going to be hard, and I wasn't sure I was ready for it.  Let's just say that I'm glad the money was spent months before.

I love doing things for my husband and family.  Friends & clients?  No problem!  AND I love it when they face challenges head on, prioritizing their health and sanity through hard work, fun and rest so they can be at their best for themselves and their loved ones as well as their careers.  I encourage them to take care of themselves and remind them they can handle it!  It's what coaches / wives / moms / friends do, right?  But when the day is done, sometimes it's difficult to use whatever time and energy is left over to take care of myself the same way I help others do.  It doesn't just happen by itself.

So I get it.  Life isn't easy or clear cut all the time.  Losing weight, getting healthy, recovering from an injury or surgery, looking for a better job than the one you're stuck at, moving, adjusting to marriage or kids, starting a business . . . life is a giant learning curve.  Sometimes learning a lesson or making a change requires a slow and steady approach, and sometimes it takes a "clear the schedule, it's time to get down to business" approach.  And you know what?  Both approaches are fine!  Drew always told me that there were so many parallels between life and being on the bike.  He knew that if I could just get beyond that initial fear and settle into some basic skills, I'd love riding as much as he did.  I doubted it.  "It's just like riding a bike!"  Funny, mountain biking hadn't come that easily for me over the years, so that statement didn't bring much comfort.  Drew tried to teach me how to properly handle a switchback on the mountain quite a few times over the years.  But for some reason I could only consistently navigate one out of four directions (uphill left, fyi).  This wasn't due to his teaching skills or his patience, but had to do more with my readiness to learn, overcome my fears, move beyond frustration, and . . . well let's just face it . . . most of us find it extremely difficult to teach our spouse anything!

On this one, it was time to bring in the professionals, clear the schedule and get down to business.  I had a goal, motivation, and unfortunately a head full of failed attempts at switchbacks and rocky terrain.  Ugh, head trash.  That's another 20 blog posts!  It was time, but I needed help - a solid plan, consistency, accountability, encouragement and support to learn the skills, push beyond my perceived limits and make this whole "I love mountain biking" thing happen.

This is why I attended Dirt Series.  The coaches were even more phenomenal than I had hoped.  After much education, hard work, some tears, bails from pump tracks and a skinny, cuts and bruises I nailed my switchbacks (all four types), rode over curbs and rocks and navigated around uneven terrain and singletrack trails.  I even got better at my downhills (formerly both fun AND terrifying, now just awesome)!  Beyond all of that, I learned more about myself and in turn became a better rider, athlete, wife, mother, trainer and business owner.  Can't wait to share more!

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