Today's rain was for me . . . it was exactly what I needed.  As a personal trainer in Los Gatos, I wish I loved running.  Many of you who know me have heard me say that I don't love to run, but that I actually do like the feeling after finishing a run.  Usually that Runner's High feeling isn't enough to get me excited when I'm lacing up my running shoes and getting ready to head out the door.  Still, I know it's good for me and I've never regretted getting out for a run by the time it was finished.

This afternoon's run was different.  It was pouring down rain when I started out the front door, and Drew will attest to the fact that it took me a few extra minutes to get going.  It's not a problem to go do a functional training workout at The New Basis, go for a mountain bike ride with my husband, hike with some friends, etc.  But running . . . let's just say I get out the door a bit slower for those workouts.

 Little did I know that within two minutes I would be smiling ear to ear.  SMILING, on a run!!!  While it was pouring down rain, I was dodging puddles, basking in the water dripping down my face, and feeling stronger and stronger with every drop of rain weighing down my clothes.  My run turned from working hard to working things out in my head, just like I grew up doing in the pool.  At the end of a crazy week, that's exactly what I needed today!  I felt comfortable, at home in the rain water and it brought me back to times when things were simple and I knew I was strong and competent.  I was in my element!

Confidence can come easily when we're in our element, doing the things we're really good at, but those times when we have to stretch or step out and do the things that don't come so easily?  That's where growth takes place.  Have I been growing lately!  I've found myself spending tons of time stretching beyond what I previously considered the things I'm really good at, and it's been quite the process.  The learning curve of being a new business owner in Los Gatos is definitely bigger, slower and more expensive than one expects.  I know I'm on the right path but crushing the getting started phase and keeping up with my other identities of wife, mom of three, daughter, sister, personal trainer and friend is *slightly* overwhelming at times.  

Just at the right time, my run in the rain today reminded me of who I was, a confident, capable woman who is on the right path to making big things happen for herself, her family and her clients.  Years ago I was blessed with a dream of expanding what I'm good at and helping more people on their health and fitness journey, and in the last 6 months I found direction, support and accountability to make it happen.  I'm on the right path, and I realize that my path is sometimes smooth, sometimes rutted and even rocky.  Today I was blessed with the opportunity to feel peace and joy, and I am thankful to be able to celebrate another day being who I was made to be, both inside and out.  When I got out of my own head and situation long enough to enjoy my surroundings, I was able to let go of the little things.  Moving forward, I want to focus on controlling what I can, when I can (my attitude, choices and actions), knowing that when I do my part I am able to see things with a different and more positive light.  And for that I'm proud, and thankful for the rain.

Remember, there are many things each one of us is capable of.  In fact, there are things we were made for!  Today I leave you with these questions to ponder, and would love to hear about your story and help out where I can!

  1. What are you good at, and how can you do more of those things?
  2. What do you need to do that stretches you out of your comfort zone?
  3. Do you have a good plan, the support and accountability you need to make it happen with confidence and the reminder that you're capable? If not, find it!

If it's in the areas of nutrition, health and fitness we'd love to help.  Book your free consultation today at The New Basis, and we'll help you make those goals a reality!

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